Community History in South Eleuthera

This is an ongoing project the builds on the dissertation research, The Politics of Memory in Collaborative Caribbean Archaeology. The report summarizes research findings from several years of research on the former Millars Plantation Estate and surrounding areas. The report offers a survey of significant cultural sites throughout South Eleuthera, as well as summaries of recent history and contemporary life in these rural Bahamian communities.

The report can be viewed and downloaded here:  Memory and History in South Eleuthera: A Report to the People of South Eleuthera. 

Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project

The Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project is a long-running archaeology field school in Acre, Israel, operated by Pennsylvania State University, University of Haifa, the Claremont Colleges, Trinity College, Baker University, Miami University of Ohio, and SUNY Binghamton University. Excavations focus on a bronze age tel site. Since 2017, I have worked as a community archaeology specialist on the project, co-leading a youth outreach and community archaeology program with field school students and local Arab and Jewish youth from the across the present-day city of Acre. A key component of this outreach program is a walking tour and photovoice activity that allows participants – especially local youth – to share their perspective on the city they call home. Equipped with cameras and audio recorders, participants document sites and areas that hold special meaning to them, and that meet a series of prompts about life in the city. In 2018, participants in the youth outreach and community archaeology program helped create a digital storymap of the Old City of Acre and the Bronze Age tel to help communicate their knowledge of the city to an even wider audience. To learn more, check out the field school blog post and the Google Tour map below.

Community Archaeology, Outreach, and the Old City

Getting to Know the Old City and Tel Akko (Digital storymap hosted on Google Tourbuilder)